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Friday, July 31, 2009

Bakemonogatari - Episode 4

I love this series but I didn't appreciate this episode much and I admit it's because of my bias (I'm not fond of lolis).
Though this episode didn't make me go hyper like the previous ones, this was still pretty cool.

It's so cute that even though Koyomi and Mayoi didn't exactly have a friendly first meeting (she had been very very rude to him), she's sooo attached to him~ She's being tsundere about it but she's obviously very close to Koyomi now. Haha! Seems like Koyomi does know how to handle little girls.

He was able to get information from his younger sisters by just flattering them, but it didn't work on Mayoi. He though of another way: through money. And she was under his command at once. Haha!
She had been stupid as he had expected.
Of course Hitagi still considers him an idiot . . . to the point of calling him incapable and miserable. Oh she's so evil to him. That's my girl. Hahahaha!

Koyomi had expected that Hitagi isn't fond of kids; and Mayoi thinks that Hitagi hates her so much to the point she'd kill her . . . and she was right. Hitagi apparently loathes kids for . . .actually a pretty simple reason.
I understand her. I can relate.
Okay, in my case, it's not that I hate kids . . . .I just don't really know how to get along with them. I guess it's more like I'm scared of them. I like watching them, but I feel uneasy when they're interacting with me. I also freak out when they stare at me . . .
Anyway, when they found out that Mayoi's problem is something that Oshino can do about, one of them has to go to the dude. Hitagi volunteers . . .for obvious reasons. Haha!
But hey, at least she took role in helping out even if she hates the kid. So this shows that she's doing it for Koyomi, right?~~~~~

When Hitagi left, Hanekawa appeared later. It seems to me that her trouble at home is similar to Koyomi's. Koyomi had a hard time disciplining Mayoi while Hanekawa did it so easily~ She really seems so perfect . . . but as she says, she's not exactly someone who knows everything. Ah, well, I just like seeing the imperfection of characters that seem too perfect. Ehehe.

When Hanekawa left, Koyomi's phone rang. He even noted the date when he first got Hitagi's number. Haha! (He's obviously crazy about her already to the point that he takes note of such simple things~). But it was Oshino talking, just using Hitagi's cellphone. He explained the problem through the phone, but he'll be explaining how to solve it to Hitagi instead since he says that he's not that good with phones. While they were talking, I can't help giggling at Oshino for being so scared of Hitagi! Hahahaha! Looks like he was also threatened with a stapler! LOLz~
By the way, I like how the cellphone conversation was presented. I mean, on the screen there were some random games, then Oshino's pixeled face, and the hand on the phone was real. I find it weird yet creative~

So that wraps up the episode. The supernatural case this time is basically about Mayoi not being able to find her way. She always gets lost when she tries to go to her mother's place. It seems to have started after her parents have divorced. It hasn't been shown how exactly she encountered the snail. So most probably, like Hitagi Crab, how she got that curse and how they'll be able to solve it will be shown on the last part of this arc. Can't wait to see it~

Oh yeah, there's a new OP and ED (scenes only on ED) in this story arc:

The OP is cute, I admit, but I'm not fond of "loli cuteness" and seeing too many lolis is a big eyesore to me.

But I love the new ED animation~ Hitagi looks pretty in the previous ED but seeing only one picture in the whole ED theme really bores me. Now I get to enjoy the song more, with the new dark and twisted animation~ To be honest, I don't get its connection to the story arc (or maybe this is the final ED? From what I've heard only the OP's are supposed to change) but it's cool~

And of course, how could I forget my number one source of amusement in this show: