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Friday, July 3, 2009

Sengoku Basara - Musical Photos!

Sengoku Basara Stage Photos! We finally get to see pictures of the cast in their costumes, and they look fantastic!


The guy on the left seems to be the director and writer, Daisuke Nishida. While the other two are the main characters of the show: Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura.
Oh he really looked like Masamune that became real! And Yukimura . . . his costume looks weird if you see it in real life. But his actor's cute. Hehe~

From left to right: Katakura Kojuurou, Saturobi Sasuke, and Nouhime.
Kojuurou became a heartrob! Haha! While Sasuke looked a little weird . . . but Nouhime's perfect!

From left to right: Mori Ranmaru, Akechi Mitsuhide, and Oda Nobunaga.
Ranmaru's actor should really be a kid. Mitsuhide . . . doesn't suit him match. While Oda, yes, perfect! Haha!


Oda Nobunaga being evil as usual

Oda Nobunaga in . . . a shooting pose?

Nobunaga's bride . . . really sexy and awesome!

Nobunaga and Ranmaru.

Mitsuhide enjoying himself.

Mitsuhide doing what he does best. . . betraying and playing dirty.

A main character shows up from above.

As usual he does his awesome moves.

I didn't expect him to have a match with Nouhime though . . .

But oh he's so damn cute . . . .

He's also very e-MOE. Seeing Sasuke trying to comfort him is so . . . DAAAAAAW


Other main character kicks ass

Him and his subordinate are epic awesome!

Kojuurou vs Mitsuhide. Go bishie Kojuurou!

Oh the main duo . . . I love these two so much. Seeing them fight side by side is very delightful for me. Hehe~

They're the main characters so the spotlight's all theirs of course! Hehe~

Battle scenes . . . in a musical . . . this looks fun and awesome~

Yay to more fight scenes!

A close-up of the duo with Kojuurou . . . nice~

The main four characters are in this scene


However, admission is more than 6,000 yen and flight to Japan's also pretty expensive. *despair*

Hopefully there'll be a video of this manly musical out someday! And really soon too! Hehe~


Double H said...

Awesome!!!!!! ;)

Baka-Raptor said...

Them be some awesome costumes.

Snark said...

...they're having a Sengoku Basara musical???



Excuse me while I violently masturbate.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Double H
Totally =D

@ Baka-Raptor
Indeed =D

@ Snark
Yepz! It's been announced around last month I think

. . .

bwahahaha xD

Nagu said...

i think this is too too much
really -__-
btw, the songs will be played
by the seiyuus?

Sapphire Pyro said...

Nah, I think songs will be played by their actors, not seiyuus. ^^;

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