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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 27, 28, & 29

It's to the bad guys favor now~ Oh I love it when it's not always the protagonists who are winning~ Awesome chapters as usual!

[ Chapter 27 ]

Falcon is now ordered to be captured in this chapter~ Hoshou still claims that she isn't the spy even though Fujimaru's reasons are already extremely convincing. What Maya did made things even more confusing~ That was so awesome~

[ Chapter 28 ]

True spy finally confirms her identity. Only other comrade Fujimaru has with him is now murdered (they really should have shot the spy earlier). Third I's taking too long. They totally won't make it.

[ Chapter 29 ]

I love it that this series is also psychological~ It has explained to us "war mentality", and that's so awesome. Even if Falcon is our main character, he's not good in everything and of course a high schooler is no match against a professional assassin. But I also like Fujimaru being not the type to kill~