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Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 33

I am obviously having so much fun in doing this:

I already knew that it was an awesome first chapter from the 5th volume even if I didn't really understand what the heck they were saying . . . but wow . . . it's actually even better than I thought.

Otoya is so awesome for being able to figure out that Hoshou had been very very suspiscious~ But uuuggghh . . . Otoya told her to escape already but she wasted time on being shocked. I know she's the pure and kindhearted girl . . . but that time wasted made the nurse show up and got Otoya hurt. Otoya >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Haruka. Damnit *teary*

I am amused with the part of Fujimaru saying that the straught jacket suits Maya better. Wahahaha! Anyway, looks like Maya has seen through Fujimaru's plan for rescue. She may not be the computer genius, but she's still so smart~

Ah, so Hoshou's joining of the dark side had something to do with her brother. SO most likely she hasn't been part of the organization earlier than 5 years. So what they've been doing is for K's will . . . .and whatever their dream is. . . it sounds like something idealistic (the "destroying the chaotic world to create a new and better one" type. but hopefully it's not the same as the "dream/goal" that villains from other series do since . . . well, that would be typical).
I am not sure if I feel sorry for Haruka. It's not that I hate weak girls . . . she's just one of those types that always need to be rescued and they're not even helping themselves . . . that's just annoying. *really irritated* Bah, I don't care if she dies anymore. My favorite duo will be sad though . . . *sigh*
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