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Monday, July 27, 2009

+C: Sword and Cornett - Chapter 8

Oh this entry was so delayed . . . but well, I've finally caught up with this~
Oh yeah, I'll also be blogging this a little differently~ Lesser narration on what happened . . . ehehehe . . . but more the fun~ Wheeee~

Orcelito isn't only in good terms with Kiliko now . . . in fact, he's freakin' attached to the guy! In this chapter is Orcelito had been acting like an impatient maiden who wanted to see her lover really badly even if she has to disturb him while he's busy with something.
Why . . . why isn't Orcelito female? He looks girly anywayz . . . *tempted to ship twisted Kiliko x Orcelito*

This scene finally made sense. When I saw first saw this as RAW, I don't get how such a thing could happen. But thanks to the translations, it now made sense. Even though Dietrich and Eco had known each other before, and are amusing together, it turns out that Dietrich is actually working for the palace officials. He got Eco in prison, but Belca in VIP treatment, since he has confirmed that Belca's a prince.
However, I find it strange that Dietrich is just gonna return Belca to the palace, not kill him. I mean, the bastard officials want him dead for knowing the truth, right? Weird weird . . .
Anyway, Dietrich doesn't trust Eco has no bad intentions to Belca because he finds it suspiscious that Eco didn't ask help from merchants and lords. But oh you idiot Dietrich, isn't their reason obvious now that you're working with the ones they would highly want to avoid?! You should've known that since you've also heard about the Hector song. Uuugghhh . . .

Anyway, of course Belca doesn't want Eco to be in such a state, no matter what the reason . . . because no matter how you look at Eco, he's more of a weirdo than an evil person. LOLz~
When they got separated, Eco suddenly went serious mode, giving advice to Belca. He says that what others say just influence people, you should trust what you think instead. In summary: Follow your heart/mind/whatever. Hehe~
That part when Eco was saying serious stuff and Belca wondering why the heck he's saying such reminded me so much of 07-Ghost's Mikage and Teito . . . .fortunately those weren't Eco's last words. Unlike . . . . baaaaaaaaaawww *cries*

Alright, now to the scene after that. The captain has warned Dietrich about the Amontel, and Dietrich was very grateful for that.
Belca later came to the room, still demanding to Dietrich to release Eco already, and the Captain recognized him . . .

Belca . . . why are you not female? But uuugghh . . . you are also adorable as a male.
Whatever, Belca is male AND female to me. Male = Belca; Female = Mariebell.

Okay, chapter ended with Belca encountering an Amontel threatening a maid and there's another Amontel ready to shoot him behind his back. Poor boy~
It was a damn cliffhanger alright . . .
That effect didn't last long to me because I was able to see what happened next.
But still . . . it's a damn cliffhanger that drives fans crazy. Haha!

Now for other stuff: Shingetsu and Tenrou look TOO alike . . . please tell me they are twin brother and siter! Heeeheeehee~
And oh, the little princess was actually at the beginning of the chapter. They insist she is sick or something and make her go far away, while she still demands to see her brother. Oh such an eyesore~ . . . oh well, since when did I ever give a damn about that girl? Haha!

Note: Haha, yeah, instead of semi-scanlation, I just edited my favorite panels as they way I want them. Ohohoho~ Thanks a lot to raw gods; and also to b1px that I was able to understand what the hell was going on in this freakin' chapter. Haha!