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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 15

I still love 07-Ghost, but I hadn't been that pleased with this episode. I'm sorry for the delay of this one . . .

I don't remember the manga much and I'm too lazy to check the chapter where this is based on. Whether this part had been loyal to the manga or not, I'm not that happy with what's going on. This issue of Teito doubting AGAIN whether he should trust the church or not . . . and doing that almost the whole episode . . . just seemed like he spent most of the time going emo. I love Teito, but him going emo so much can be really annoying.

What's more annoying is that he's actually asking for answers form the bishops themselves. Just . . .what? . . . And Castor & Labrador actually helped him find his answer through some magical room. I prefer that he ended up in that place out of coincidence, not because the bishops pointed him to go there. It makes it look one-sided, instead of Teito making his decision with a more open mind.

In summary, my major complain in the episode is the waste of screentime. They're either being repetitive (like the protecting Teito thing) or taking too long on one thing (like the decision thing). Moreover, though I like it that the sisters get to have more roles in the anime, I prefer them to be there for the fun, not to be just extra people to ask how Teito's doing. They're just wasting screentime.

But of course, there are several things that I loved/adored in this episode: 1) Hakuren smirking when Teito can't reach the book 2) Kuroyuri's appearace and she got Frau arrested 3) Hugglez (I see Kuroyuri as a girl. That person' gender isn't confirmed anywayz) 4) Kuroyuri being sad because her beloved Aya-tan's scythe is with someone else 5) Aya-tan saying "Don't cry. Your feelings touch my heart.".

Aya-tan . . . you look more like a strict and cold leader but you're actually very sweet to your harem. LOLz~ So adorable~

Kuroyuri's crying and Aya-tan's words don't make them seem like the villains of the series. Haha!

Anyway, I apologize if I can't do my usual summaries/recaps/impressions/reviews on this series from now on (the love hasn't lessened. Just blame the time and the number of series I'm covering. Ehehehe . . . . but I might go bck to usual if Mikhail's in the episode. Sorry if I'm too biased to that guy. Hehe) but to make up for it, some favorite screenshots spam! Hehe:

===== [ PICSPAM ] =====

[ TEITO + burupya ]
The main character will always have nice scenes

The new best friend is as pretty as ever~

[ FRAU ]
the majority's favorite bishop~

Other bishops need mroe love~

Aya-tan subordinate finally showing what they're capable of.

His subordinates love him. Fans love him. One of the most lovable villains ever? LOLz~

~ thumbnails are clickable for larger versions ~

===== [ NEXT EPISODE ] =====

I don't remember the little darling in the middle from the manga. But damn, animals with one horn will always make me think of unicorns *very crazy about unicorns*
But oh boy, next episode seems to be the part of Teito acting SO ADORABLE! I know the raw is out but haven't seen it yet. I guess I'll go watch the subs ahead instead.


tramilisha said...

lol =v= i was looking for a review of this episode. episode 16 was awesome~ i heard that the anime at the begining dosen't follow the manga very well. LOL UNICORNS FTW xD

Sapphire Pyro said...


oh my 07-ghost entries have been really late recently x_x

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