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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bakuman - Chapter 45

Oh Saiko's too determined to be popular~

  • So it turns out that Saiko's illness is serious indeed but doesn't necessarily meant that he's gonna die. But I was right that it does have something to do with him not being able to draw for a while.
  • Saiko needs to undergo surgery because of his liver problem, and he has to stay at the hospital for 3 months. Saiko doesn't want hiatus so he wants to keep on working even at the hospital.
  • They understand his feelings (the editors and his best friend), but his health is still the priority.
  • The hiatus had been totally inevitable.
  • Shuujin can't say "no" to Saiko, even if he knows he should encourage Saiko to rest instead. Mihoshi hits him for it~ Haha!
  • I love it when Shuujin said they're beyond friends now. They're like ultimate best friends. I love it when people think they're of the same soul but of different bodies, haha~
  • Shuujin totally understands Saiko's feelings and he believes that he would've done the same. But well, conscience says that he has to make Saiko stop. So Miho was called.
  • Miho didn't go to school and went to see Saiko at the hospital . . . but Saiko was still strict on their "not-seeing-each-other-literally-until-they-make-their-dreams-come-true" thing! Guuuuuhhh . . . oh you two . . .
  • I like it in Bakuman that even though what I expected will happen (like in this case, Miho visiting Saiko at the hospital), it's still different from how I thought it'll turn out (like them still not gonna see each other face-to-face). I love surprises~ Especially good ones, even if it doesn't exactly satisfy the shipper in me. Haha!
  • But well, cliffhanger-that-drives-a-fan crazy at the end again! I'm really curious on how Miho is going to convince Saiko~ Love is not only for mushy stuff and blind support~ It should also be for helping the other keep himself alive~ Hehe!