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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Flavors: Monokuro Kitan

Monokuro Kitan

(The Monochrome Mysterious Story)
by Kusu Rinka

Malice slurps the blood, and scoops out the flesh.
A mysterious story begins in the town where the tower stands.

(First page, Monokuro Kitan)

I downloaded the raw at once upon seeing the title. Yeah, it's just because of the title. The term "Monokuro/Monochrome" or the idea of back + white really attracts me~ hehe~

I had no idea what the art looked like, nor the genre, nor what the heck it was about. The title was really enough to make my right hand move on its own to download the available chapter at that time, even if it was RAW and unstranslated. I browsed it and it looked really cool~ Then recently, the translations of it had come out . . . and I already love it! I no longer needed to think on downloading the second chapter when that one came out. Haha!

It's categorized as shounen, and yeah, there are some cool fighting scenes in this one. It's certainly a gothic series though, which could be clearly seen with its art style, the supernatural enemies in it, and some of the character get-ups. It also looks dark and twisted, and there's the possiblity of it being pretty morbid based on what the first few sentences of the first chapter implied. There's also some fantasy twist, because the monsters are being taken care of by heroes with such magical weapons (and don't worry, it's not magical girl). There's mystery too; an unsolved crime, an unknown tower, and some very strange guys. It also looks like there's going to be some tarot card stuff involved, and those cards seem to have caused some of the chaos (but no, not Cardcaptor Sakura style).

So if you're into that kind of stuff, don't think or have second thoughts anymore. Go for it! Hahaha!

It's still the first chapter (that was translated so far), so there are many things that are not yet clear (though it looks like several of them get a little clarified in the next chapter) but it's already very very interesting. I think the story's pretty good, but I really didn't like the part with girls just talking about the guys they like and exclaim that the one who has no interest in such is no fun. Oh duuuuh~ Anyway, that was something that only bothered me personally, I guess.

I also find this manga very creative by the way, specifically on the part with the enemy/monster. It's my first time seeing a dark and twisted monster with a heart shaped bubble~ It looks frightening yet flirty/playful/teasing at the same time. Nice~

The art was really cool, unless it's not your type of art. Very well illustrated scenes are mostly during the intense or dark moments. I like that~ And for some reason I find the art style pretty similar to Karneval's.

Now to fangurl: I am not sure if I'll like or hate the leading girl. The only thing I find cool about her is that her clothes have skull designs~ Hehe. But I kinda hope she won't be the leading lady. Seeing her with the two main boys will remind me too much of Zombie-Loan . . . and I loathe the leading girl of that series.

As for the two main guys, they seem to be strange dudes that secretly have powers that fight evil. And they seem to have a very cute relationship:

Haha! They look crack~ I love that~

And between those two, I think this one is going to be my favorite:


I have no idea what his name is, or what his personality is really like, BUT I CAN FEEL that he's someone very awesome and entertaining! And he pisses the other guy off, I usually love the ones who annoy the other among duos. Haha!

I am not sure if I could cover this series by chapter, but I'm definitely following it~ It depends if the second chapter is as fun as it seems to be I guess. Hehe.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 2 chapters out of 1 translated chapters of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Totally Following
fantasy + strange + fantasy + action + gothic + dark + twisted + monochrome + tarot(?)
I am love that kind of stuff~
Story also seems interesting. Art is pretty.
It also gives me Zombie-Loan Karneval vibes . . . even though stories are totally different.
And the main guys seem really adorable. I love them already!!!
Yeah, I'm obviously hooked to this. Hehe~


Yukihito said...

I'm glad that there seems to be a lot of excitement for this series! :D

By the way, Monokuro Kitan means "The Monochrome Mysterious Story".

Sapphire Pyro said...

Thank YOU for translating it that my love for it had finally exploded xD I'm very excited to read chapter 2~

Ah, thanks for the correction on the translation title ^^; Ehehehe . . .

Yukihito said...

As soon as I saw it in some random GFantasy scans, I thought that I had to read it. I got hooked for the same reasons as you, I love dark, gothic fantasy too~

It's okay, you just reminded me that I didn't include it in the translation ^^;

Also, chapter 2's translation is up now :D

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