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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 30, 31, & 32

I know I have said it for so many times already but I just have to say it again. . .
I'm crying tears of joy. Even if I'm already incredibly spoiled on this series, it's still gives me surprises. Doesn't fail to impress me in every single chapter. Oh how could it be so bloody awesome . . .

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 30 ]

I got really amused on the joke of Maya saying that she brought Fujimaru to the torture room. Haha!
Anyway, Third-i came but the two women successfully mislead them. Fujimaru's life was threatened, even if he doesn't admit it, he's still human that feels fear on such a situation. This manga is so awesome for having its main character not extremely strict to his ideals and no matter how stupid he may act some miracle will appear. I'm so happy~
Falcon's being made to hack into Third-i . . . he has no choice 'coz his best friend and his sister are held as hostages. They might've expected him to become braver later, and not do anything that will harm the majority even if he's freakin' scared . . . but if the life of his loved ones will be those in exchange . . . that's gonna be a difficult decision~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 31 ]

There seems to be something else in that Russian Masacre video that Maya wants to be deleted. Fujimaru's trying to figure it out but he's running out of time.
Since Maya's no computer expert, he had thought of a plan, and that is by just pretending to delete the file and also stalling her.
However, the villains aren't stupid. They had foreseen him doing that strategy, so they brought their computer expert along.He will know.
Oh why is his name Mikhail. It's so distracting. 07-Ghost's Mikhail ALWAYS comes to my mind whenever I see that name. I'm getting distracted.
Now to Third-i, they finally realize that they're being tricked. But the cops got hit by a virus. It was a surprise~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 32 ]

The part with the cops that got the virus . . . especially the cop mom who called her kids . . . it's so sad . . .
Falcon's left with no choice. The villains took a week to hack it without any results, but it only took him less than 3 minutes. He's that fast. So incredible~ Nothing seems to be difficult to hack for him. Hehe.
And I'm so happy that Otoya's not stupid. He could get the Hoshou's totally hiding something~
Falcon is considered more dangerous to the enemies now . . .but even Otoya! That's a surprise for me because he hasn't exactly done something as amazing as what Fujimaru had done. But well, he's my favorite, so I love the idea of him having a bigger role than he seems to have. Hehe~