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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Umineko no Naku Koro ni - Episode 1

Summary of my first impression of the first chapter of the manga:
It was okay. Pretty interesting. But it could've been done better.
Summary of my first impression of the first episode of the anime:
FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! I knew it that the anime could improve the manga and become so much better~

I wanted to cover this but I was having second thoughts because . . .I am already covering too many series. Ehehe~ But the first episode pleased me so much and seeing so many butterflies had delighted me so much *butterfly lover* It has butterflies! We are meant to be! Ohohhohoho!!!

So okay, I'll begin with the OP and ED Themes:

Okay, I like them. They both sound weird in one parts, but in other parts the tune gets to me and I REALLY LOVE THE CREEPINESS IT BRINGS~
"OH DESIRE!"~ *singing like a lunatic*
I also love the non-Japanese part in the OP. I feel like a loser for not being able to identify the language. Was it Spanish? Or Latin? Oh how could I not identify . . . *despair*

Anyway, about the episode. From descriptions we all know that this series is mainly focused on mystery and horror. But I love series with such genres that also have comedy! I am freakin' amused with the funny scenes of this series:


I guess it's already so obvious that Battler's my favorite in this series. This character entertains me~ He's perverted, yes, but at least the amusing type; not the disgustingly pathetic type. Not to mention he's cute~ His anime version is way cuter compare to his manga and game version! Hehe~ And he's even voiced by Ono Daisuke!!! Sexy voice assured~ Totally suits Battler! Yay!

Battler's our main character but other characters with big roles include his cousins. This is the first series I've seen wherein the characters interacting are mostly family members. Even the parents and other grownups have a bigger role than just displays to show that the main characters actually have parents. It's also not that usual for me to see cousins as character relationships in a series. I like it when I'm seeing something not usual~

Anyway, the cousins are so close they look so cute~ By the way, that scene *points screenshot above* reminded me of another anime:
A group of people and a small girl searching for something pretty small. Replace the rose their looking for with a clover. . .
Ring a bell?
If you don't know the series or just gave in, it's similar to a scene at Honey and Clover where the college buddies were looking for a clover together.
I find it nice when other an anime I'm watching that I like had reminded me of another anime that I have also liked.

By the way, I like all cousins except for . . . Maria. Well, she's supposed to be the type that is loved by the majority because many may like her for being cute while others may like her for being a twisted loli. However, I HATE HER! Yeah, it's either I'm such an odd being for being the only person who hates her or I am one of those extremely few people who dislike her as well.
My reason?
She's a brat. She doesn't know how to listen. She will do whatever she wants and will only believe in whatever she wants. She will also be pissed if you contradict to her beliefs. So let me correct myself, she's not only a brat. She's a selfish closeminded spoiled brat.
Well, her being a kid may be a good excuse on why she behaves that way, but I don't find it likeable. I admit it's better than the useless moe lolis that are extremely naive and stupid, but I still find Maria annoying.
What I can't stand the most about Maria is the sound she makes. IT MAKES MY EARS BLEED!!!! Her mother also got irritated with it! But if I were her mother, I won't just spank her!!!! Uuuuuggggghhhhh . . . .
Also, what made me decide that I really can't like Maria is when she didn't even apologize or recognize that her mother was there after she was worried sick about her. Well, the reason that there might actually be something wrong with her mentally may be a good excuse for that, BUT STILL!!! What an ungrateful child! I can't stand such characters.

*sigh* Though Maria had been a great pain to me, seeing my goddess in the episode cheered me up:

SHE WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, actually, I don't know about her personality (since she hasn't shown up in the manga yet and I don't get the game spoilers) but I can already feel it that I'm gonna love this character~ She seems so evil and awesome~ Oh goddess please show up more in later episodes already!

Haha! So of course I look forward to the next episode very much! The anime didn't totally follow the manga, so I'll see many surprises on the next episode. Hehe~


Mimiko ♥ said...

Yay! Maria is indeed freaking annoying with that noise! (though she is really cute that is a good point but the bad, spoiled point is her stumborness -.-)

This episode is pretty enjoyable. Can't wait to know more about Beatrice =)

Sapphire Pyro said...

I can't stand Maria and her annoying UUUUU's T_T I hope she doesn't show up much next episode. Freakin' annoys me.

I also can't wait to know about Beatrice too =3

Mimiko ♥ said...

Well... she would appear more often sadly, lol. Since she was one of the very important to the story, also she was a remark of Rena from Higurashi as I remember the dicretor mention. So she difinitly going to appear more X.x

Sapphire Pyro said...

I expected that but I still can't help myself from wishing that she won't appear anymore ;_;

Anonymous said...

Maria's "Uu"s actually have a special meaning, and is actually a promise with her mother long ago which her mother had forgotten, and is also a charm for happiness. I disliked Maria at first, as I thought her as an annoying immature brat, but in the later game episodes I found her a very engaging character.

In Episode 4, however, she breaks and tortures her mother over and over again.

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I didn't expect her "Uu"s to have a special meaning O_O Interesting~

But I still dislike her though . . . even in recent episodes . .

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