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Sunday, July 12, 2009

07-Ghost - Episode 14

This episode hasn't really been as amazing as some of the previous ones but . . . Hakuren, Frau, and Burupya never fails to . . . distract me. Haha!

*she forgot what the bishops were talking about in those scenes * They . . . are so cute. Wahehehe~

The sisters actually make a watch to make sure that our young priest applicants go to sleep on time. When they caught two of them having fun, it was amusing that it had reminded them of Frau. Haha! Oh Frau . . . you and your porn~

While Teito was away . . . Burupya's was going crazy. Hakuren got a little annoyed, but when he realized that Burupya was just worried, they're in good terms again~

Castor and Teito have a special night training . . . .


They didn't crack me up as much as the first one did, but they're still fun~

Ayanami's subordinates are already watching . . . but Kuroyuri didn't think of attacking because he says haste makes waste and . . . he thinks the Frau dolls were bodyguards?! Haha! In a way they are . . . but still, for those crazy dolls to be thought of something an Ayanami subordinate should be careful of. Wahaha!

While waiting for Teito, Hakuren and Burupya slept together . . . so freakin' cute~ When Teito had arrived in the room exhausted, Burupya woke up at once. Oh it has a very good Teito radar. Haha!

When Teito changed clothes, Hakuren notices his slave mark. Hakuren feels bad for teasing the boy as an elementary kid. . . and he might not have been sent to elementary school at all (so they actually have basic education aside from military/priesthood school?). That's very concerning of you, Hakuren~

Burupya in Teito's hands . . . OMG SHET SO CUTE!!!!!!!
*dies from cuteness overload*

*resurrects* Teito saw that Hakuren woke up and saw him and Burupya having a moment together. Teito had blurted out that Burupya is the reincarnation of his best friend. Even if it was the truth, it was still bizarre so he expected Hakuren not to believe him. But our Hakuren knows that Teito is a very honest boy~ Hehe~

They apologize to each other for the mean things they did.

And since they're on personal life talk, Hakuren shares his background. He explains why he wanted to be a priest despite his family being more military and political.

When Hakuren was a kid, his mother got infected by the Kor, but his father doesn't want that news to be spread so he just had his wife locked up. Hakuren prayed for his mother to be saved, and it appeared that his prayers had been answered when Frau showed up. Since then he had become a Frau fan~ Haha!

He had become determined to become like Frau, helping those who had experiences/problems like he did.

Anyway, we're shifted to Teito's next training session (It's already the next day, right?) And well, this time he made it to the finish line (the finish line banner with flowers amuses me! Haha!)


And this time, Teito had been able to handle his bascule better. So powerful. Well, he's the main character whatd'ya expect . . .

Anyway, Hakuren and Burupya were caught watching. Hakuren was invited to join the training but he just says that he's there because Burupya was going crazy again. Haha~

When Teito and Hakuren were going back to their room . . . they got attacked . . .or rather Teito was targeted.

Hakuren puts him aside . . . . he looked so cute in almost every scene of him in that part~

Hakuren was tossed aside though . . . and when he fell, Teito goes after him . . .

But even though Teito had managed to get Hakuren, they're still gonna fall. So fortunately Frau had rescued them.

Frau had explained that it was no ordinary Kor that they've encountered. It was actually a Warsiel. He had spotted those responsible for it, but they've managed to escape.

The clergy people had been investigating and discussing about this matter. But the bishop trio can't exactly say that they're having such problems because Teito's being targeted. And only a few people had been informed that Teito has the eye of Mikhail. Hehe~

Teito and Hakuren woke up at Frau's room. I'm amused that Hakuren was so happy that it was his idol who had rescued them. Haha!

Hakuren offers friendship to Teito. Teito doesn't want him to be involved with his problems, but Hakuren says he would want to help anyone in need. That's what his dream of becoming a bishop is also for. Teito was hesitant though, not that he doesn't want to be friends with Hakuren. He just doesn't like losing a loved one again like with what happened with Mikage.

Speaking of Mikage, he lectures Teito again (Mikage, where's your jacket/coat?! You look more awesome when you put it over your shoulders! Hehe~). And oh well, Teito thinks it was just his imagination.

Then later Frau shows up from . . . a coffin! Haha! We are shown with Teito freaking out at the sight of that, but I think it would have been nice if they had wondered why the hell Frau has a coffin for a bed. Haha! And Frau's sleeping clothes . . . why so smexy?! *nosebleed*

While eating breakfast, the discussed about what happened. (I think, oh why does my memory fail too much today?!).

Hakuren and Teito leave the room, thanking Frau. (Burupya hangs out on Hakuren now~)

Frau looks so nice~

When Teito and Hakuren left, Teito says that he would want to be friends with Hakuren and will do his best to protect him. Hakuren calls him stupid for it but it made him happy~ Oh they're so sweet~

Anyway, episode ended with Frau remembering that Labrador told him to protect Teito. Nah, Lab doesn't need to say that. Frau will really watch over Teito even if he's not told to. Hehe.