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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapter 24

I just realized that I enjoy editing some panel texts for chapter reviews for this series:

What can I say? Every chapter is just so epic awesome~

  • So that's why Fujimaru was able to clearly recall that incident two years ago . . . because it was the time that he revealed to his father that he's Falcon and the two of them are the ones who stopped the worst possible situation
  • They were able to prevent it, but the terrorists seemed to be in some occult group. And they weren't happy about their leader being caught. So police headquarters was attacked with poison gas. So many people dies, but the occult peeps still weren't able to get their leader back.
  • Leader is still in prison. I already know his actual look thanks to spoiler though. But anyway, seems like one of his followers is prenteding to be a worker in prison to communicate with him. They had this sign that only the two of them there understood.
  • Back to the terrorist attack two eyars ago, looks like Otoya already knew about it because . . . he was backup. Haha! Oh these two best friends really don't hide anything from each other~
  • So it appears that the viruses in their files isn't the actual antiviral, but just contains hints that will lead them to the actual antiviral. Like what they said, it's like a treasure map to what they're looking for.
  • Chapter ended with sexy terrorist woman wanting to talk to Fujimaru. Ugh, cliffhangers~ Even if I've seen the next chapter already, I couldn't understand what they're talking about! So scanlation please~ Hehe . . .
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