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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bloody Monday - Chapters 19, 20, 21, & 22

I thought of catching up on my favorite terrorism manga~ And of course it has been bloody awesome~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 19 ]

Leading guy and his father got reunited. The boy had been so emotional that he would almost have been shot dead if his father hadn't protected him (he always gets rescued in dangerous situations; cool that his father had been a part of an elite group). Falcon wants to fight back with his hacking skills. It was so cute when his best friend says that there's a difference between being brave and being stupid. Haha!

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 20 ]

Of course Falcon was successful in hacking the institute's system, and how he made the enemy confused had been really cool! Though I find it pretty unbelievable on how he managed to gather all those sounds in such a short period of time.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 21 ]

While the enemy's busy, Falcon assigns his fighting friends to do some rescuing and killing. The girl rescues the woman that his father was with; while his best friend targets the enemy. She was successful but Otoya hadn't no matter how cool he had looked with his bow and arrow. Haha! Oh wow~ enemies in this series really can't be underestimated.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 22 ]

The good guys have managed to escape thanks to Falcon. The enemy got his arm ripped but for some reason he was able to survive and kill the police officers that were supposed to collect him. Whoa~ This chapter also introduces to us the new enemies: K and J. Oh these new characters seem interesting~

I'm already spoiled on what's going to happen after the latest scanlated chapter . . . and even if I don't understand a thing. . . things are looking good~ I can't wait for more scanlations! The manga's over already! And I'm curious about the ending (Only seen upto volume 9) and the sequel! And damn, I' tempted to marathon the live-action drama (I've already completed it but I'm not done watching it).


Tipul_2 said...

please, PLEASE don't tell Animenerdz (my partner) this, but this happens to be the one and only manga i read, and by the fact that i read it you can guess that i like it

hope they would hurry with each release cause it's frustrating to wait for each chapter

Sapphire Pyro said...

I don't get why you don't want Animenerdz to know but . . . well, okayz, I won't tell him ^^;

but if he happens to see this entry and see the comments too . . . I can't do anything about that ^^; ehehe

I'm glad that you also love this manga *_* chapter 23's been scanlated. am reading it when I get home xD Whee~

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