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Monday, July 20, 2009

Axis Powers Hetalia - Episode 26

I totally love it that the last episode for the first season is more focused on the antagonists (Allied Forces) rather than the protagonists (Axis Powers of the series). It doesn't feel like a season ender either, so most probably the staff didn't really plan on just having 26 episode for this series. Haha!


Alfred: Hey, babe! Yo Arthur! Here's what I want to show ya.

Alfred: Ah, to the paparazzi, no picture taking please! What do you think of the design of my plane? It's by Walt Disney, ya know? Isn't it cool? I'm piloting it so anything that The Hero pilots is awesome!

Arthur: You are going to war and you're gonna ride on a toy?

Arthur: *does the most adorable sigh ever*

Arthur: You dragged me here just to show me that?
Alfred: uh-huh

*close-up on Arthur's "after sighing" face*

*he switches to giggling mode*

*he giggles with the kitty/chimpanzee mouth*

*he also secretly giggles like a girl*

*he tries to change mode*

*he now has the look of a father about to praise his child*

Arthur: I am so proud of you. Such a ****** design is beyond me. As expected of you ****** Alfred.

**** = stupid/idiotic
He makes the most amusing intervals on his own sentences ever~

Alfred: Really daddy? Glad to hear that!
Both of them have happy faces~

Alfred: I'm actually gonna use this baby to beat the crap out of ya!

*what Alfred said has not processed on Arthur's brain yet*
*so he has that look on his face*
Seriously, even if he's just pretending, that's still a smile, right? And it's not exactly his evil grin look. Oh he only smiles to one particular nation-tan~ Ohohohohoho! *obvious Alfred + Arthur fan*

*what Alfred said finally processed to Arthur's brain*

Arthur: *too shocked to say anything further*
Alfred: *too stupid and proud to realize anything*

American dude: Sir! That's supposed to be top secret information!

Alfred: Izzat so?

Alfred: Don't worry! Even with the secret leaked by me, The Hero will always win!

Alfred, DON'T CHANGE! Haha!


Arthur: This time, I am going to make Alfred sit on the famous cursed chair in my country: Busby's Chair.

Arthur: My paranormal chair is so awesome that it even seems to have a face.

Arthur: I'm the lord of dark magic and evil curses. I'll have that Alfred pay big time. Mwahahahaha *evil laughter*

Arthur: Huh? *still with evil eyes*

Ivan: Why, hello there, Arthur.

Arthur: . . .
Ivan: Whatdyaknow . . . this chair is really comfortable.

Ivan: Odd that it seems to have broken now . . .
Arthur: WTF?!

Arthur: Don't tell me . . . Ivan's more evil than my evil chair?


Alfred drinking is sexy~

One of the most bishie looks he made ever~

Why is Alfred so freakin' attractive in this scene . . .

Alfred: Arthur . . .

Alfred: It's rare for you to invite me like this.
Arthur: I secretly wanted to make you drunk. I thought it's not bad to do this once in a while
Alfred: I see.

Arthur: Actually, I want this episode to have me and you inside a pub to advertise one of the songs in my album, which will be released really soon, entitled "Pub and Go."
Alfred: That makes sense.

Arthur: mcjksnfiergfrleksfierugnvkdfslzfawioefjeiofjrufhgusevgfl;griojerugt

Arthur: *curses many things but looking extremely adorable*

Bartender: Are you alright, sir?
He totally sounds like Roderich.

Alfred: Don't mind him. He has always been like that.

Arthur: Hey . . . why are you talking to that guy?

Arthur: You're only supposed to look at me! ME! ME!

Arthur: You think I have forgiven you for that divorce during the Revolutionary War?
Alfred: *nervous sweatdrop* Not that again . . .

*close-up of Arthur in angry mode*

*he switches to adorable mode*

*he went lunatic mode instead*

Arthur: You have any idea about the heartache I've gone through after that happened? And to think that we'll still be in a good relationship after stopping Francis from attempting to harass you . . . how stupid I am for that . . .



He's not as high-pitched as he had been in the song, but at least he had more lines compare to the manga. OH HOW COULD HE BE SO ADORABLE???!!!!


Arthur: IwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadieIwannadie
Looks like he's still on a hangover . . . same voice. Cute that he remembered what he did.
Alfred: What's that?
Francis: Arthur.

It has been the same beginning. It's cool at first, but once it had been used in other episodes, I got tired of it. I only like the changes:

So Feliciano's hair curl has some other uses . . . like detecting something paranormal? LOLz

This is a scene repeat but . . . seeing these two together reminded me of the upcoming DVD's cover. Yeah, they're the featured characters. I love your song, Alfred!

This is also a scene repeat but with one person missing. He's actually over . . .

Full shot of Arthur with a calm expression together with his legendary chair floating with some blue aura by the seashore . . . that's just so . . . bwahahahahaha!

Group pic of Allied Forces and Axis Powers without Arthur . . . I like the idea of Arthur being the supreme villain. Wahahaha!

I loooove evil Arthur~

Ivan: Yay! My favorite comfy chair is back!

Arthur: WTF?!

*Arthur dances in the water*

*shocking power of Ivan's sitting again*

Chibi Arthur: Who's next?
Him and that bandaged Busby's chair . . . so hilarious and cute~

It was a very fun episode~ I love the joke on Busby's Chair, and it keeps on getting repaired because of Ivan! haha! Evil Arthur's ultimate weapon seems to be no match against Ivan's evilness! Haha! Though I've gotta admit that I'm getting tired of the recycled scenes. The idea is cool, but recycling scenes of a very short series just sucks. They shouldn't have been too lazy. It's like trolling the fans! *remembers what people of Haruhi season 2 have been complaining to KyoAni* And I think the bias on Arthur among the Allied Forces is a little . . . obvious. He's got the most screentime among the five. Ehehe. Even if Arthur is my absolute favorite, I hope Ivan gets to have more spotlight sometime.


~ I prefer using their human names because using their country names will be . . . kinda awkward. Haha! ~
ALLIED FORCES: Alfred (America), Arthur (England), Francis (France), Ivan (Russia), Yao (China)
AXIS POWERS: Feliciano (Italy), Ludwig (Germany), Kiku (Japan)


Anonymous said...

I think the recycled scene is a joke. At least that's how it always seemed to me, I'm actually surprised that I seem to be the only one who thinks so (let alone finds it funny).

souleater411 said...

Oh, this. I just watched the episode today, and I was like "OH YES." Arthur and Alfred...sigh.

They should go and have some smexy scenes~ <3

midnighteve said...

To Anonymous:
You're not the only one. I'm kinda amused by it, but it's not the case for my boyfriend who groaned once the scene popped up again. ^^;; 100million times better than the trolling KyoAni does to what's left of that poor Haruhi fanbase though =_=;;;

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ Anonymous
I also see it as a joke, and yes, it is funny xD But I'm just not the type who likes seeing the same thing over and over (and the fact that hetalia's so short and chances of new stuff being featured being wasted because of the recycled scenes is kinda frustrating). Eheheh ^^;

@ souleater411
this episode made me go "OH YES" as well xD Wheee~


@ midnighteve
Ah, yeah, it's certainly better than what's going on with the second season of haruhi suzumiya x_x

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