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Monday, July 27, 2009

Bloody Monday: Chapter 34, 35, & 36

When this was pretty new, I always needed to ask for a miracle for new scanlations to be out. But now it looks like we have a new chapter everyday! I'm so happy! If this continues, then scanlations of this series will be done very soon~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 34 ]

Fujimaru hears about what happened to his best friend and sister. And he tried to make a deal with Maya, taking advantage of the time the the villains still need him. We don't know if he had been lying or not, but well, he's a genius so anything's possible. Villains didn't want the risk~
And about the "virus outbreak", i expected it to be a fake virus, and turns out that it was. It was just some kind of bacteria to mislead the cops. The factory guy was totally suspiscious . . . okayz, so this is one of those series wherein the cops are not as smart as the main characters nor the villains.

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 35 ]

This chapter had been more about Hoshou's background. So that's how she got into the enemy's side. And it looks like she's one of those few people who were recruited directly by their supreme leader~
And another twist on thi character: looks like she's not such an evl person after all. She knows that the gun with her has bullets that are used just for shocking its victims, rather than killing them. So Otoya and Kanou weren't meant to be killed by her at all~
It's so sad. Kanou and Hoshou seemed to have a cute relationship. Now she's dead. Really, so sad.
I like Haruka's belief that people who save the country can't be the types who kills the innocent; and she had believed Hoshou hadn't really been a bad person until the end. Oh I would've still disliked Haruka if Otoya died . . . but since he isn't dead, wheee~

[ Bloody Monday - Chapter 36 ]

Otoya wants some action too much . . . but I believe there's more about him than just an archer boy and Falcon's best friend. Hehe~
Maya let Fujimaru want he wants. . . . but not exactly the main leader, just one of the heads.

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