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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 15

I didn't amaze me like some of the previous episodes, but it was still very good.
And how could I not love an episode with Kunihito and Kunihito x Kuniko? Especially while Kuniko's looking oh-so-pretty~

  • I honestly didn't understand much of this episode because my momz had been so loud on the phone and I hear my name being mentioned to the one she's talking with (my father) so it was really really distracting.
  • Anyway, Ryouko and Kuniko get to talk, but Ryouko pretends not to know her. Kuniko knows she's bitching again, but she threatens her. Tarsien was able to convince her to give in, in order not to bring trouble to the country.
  • Kuniko orders the men to ceasefire. She apologizes to them. Looks like it's their loss. I like it when protagonists lose . . . because it's totally unusual.
  • Takehiko got stranded into some dead kids shrine? A ghost lead him to the place. We got a little Takehiko flashback form this episode. So he used to have a sister, but she had been used to become Hiruko's vessel. Poor girl. Seeing his sister's shoe made Takehiko cry~
  • The Hiruko mentioned about a serpent . . . and the divine spirit should be protected. Serpent = medusa and divine spirit = zeus? I wonder what medusa has anything to do with the digmas . . . with zeus I see, but with medusa . . .can't connect it yet.
  • Karin is one of those evil girls who don't care about other peoples' loves. Zhang's not happy about what she's doing. She blocked him (Medusa did it for her . . . it's bad influence. haha!) while he went against her. He had teamed up with Nagiko and he won. Karin's bankrupt. First time.
  • Karin tried to invade the Zeus system. She wasn't really successful then later her place was invaded by people from Atlas. She manages to escape. Maybe we'll be seeing her outside again next episode. Hopefully Digma 0 too.
  • Tables are turned. Ryouko's in control again, even against Tarsien. Her harem loves her that much. Haha!
  • At the end, it seemed like Mikuni was the target but it turned out to be Miko. I don't get why since . . .she hasn't really done anything (unless letting Momoko escape counts). Oh we know what Mikuni's reaction will be,
  • Miko's real name is Tetsuo Kumagai. I think it was mentioned before . . .I just couldn't recall. Anywayz, hearing his guy name makes me really curious on what he used to look like as a guy~
  • Of course I want to know about Momoko's male self as well. But she's already so hott as a woman.
  • Kuniko and Momoko went around the residential area of Atlas just because Kuniko felt like it. They're still wanted though so they're not free to look around. They've managed to hide in the . . .Kusanagi garden and Kusanagi's mom spotted them.
  • Momoko made up some drama . . . the part of her saying that Kuniko has some dilemma and that Kuniko's actually a guy cracked me up!!! Haruko believed because of the flat chest! Bwahahahaha!
  • Kuniko's reaction to vegetables in food reminds me of myself . .. *doesn't like veggies either*

His first scene in the episode . .. not solo though, but he's still there.

And he's listening carefully of course because it has something to do with Kuniko. Ohohoho~

Okayz, the solo ones:

Kunihito looking at the victims

he looks the other way

his hair looked weird here for some reason but . . . he's still cute~

this was the time when he wanted to visit the navy people who were with him but he was told that they hadn't been brought to the hospital. Poor Kunihito not yet aware that Rouko had them killed. It will totally make him sad.

OMG . . . he looks so cute in this one. Me likey lots~

his expression when he saw Kuniko and Momoko

but he's not in the mood to be annoyed

he lets them be

and goes to his room

going gloomy~

I can't get enough of Kunihito. Mwahahaha! More of him under the next section:


Kuniko's at the balcony . . . Kunihito went there too later

He hands her something

She totally didn't expect it

He returned her boomerang. (boy, why are you keeping it??? have you been wishing to meet her again someday? Ohohoho~)

Stare~ Pretty stare~

Stare~ . . . y so srs? and those eyes look predatory! Wahaha!

she takes her baby back.

It would be awkward if they don't say anything, so she thought of food. She admits that she liked his mom's chicken stew even with the carrots~ Haha

But he's really in serious mode so he asks her a serious quesiton

OMG the way he looked at her~

Kunihito doesn't get how Kuniko's being able to fight without wavering, hesitating, etc.

Aaaawww his sad face

OMG THAT PRETTY FACE!!!!!!!! (most beautiful Kuniko screenshot I've seen for the record)

She tells him that she wavers all the time

his expression at first

then his surprised expression when she said she does so all the time

She continues that she has never been sure herself. Daaaawww . . Kuniko~

Momoko, why are you spying on them??!!! LOLz, of course it's just to watch out for Kuniko, since Kunihito's actually an enemy after all. But I'd like to think that she's just doing some shipper stalking. I totally believe she's a fellow Kunihito x Kuniko shipper! Mwahahaha!!!!

Anyway, that's it for my OTP moment in this episode???? The hell . . . I actually expected it to be comical but it turned out to be serious. But as sual, their reunion's epic, but epic serious this time, not exactly epic awesome or epic entertaining like the previous ones. Hahaha!

It's night time so it looks like Kuniko's staying at Kunihito's place. You boy, don't you see you're protecting her already???!!! Yessss~


I see Kunihito so I will totally love next episode.

Oh yeah, Kunihito's casual clothes are pretty lame. And his hair down is really dorky. He really looks better with his hair pulled up and in military uniform. Hehe. My soldier boy~

Kuniko's shown outside, so my OTP's separated . . . AGAIN!!! uuuggghh . . .

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Shounen A said...

Medusa totally succeeded in hacking into Zeus. Karin just didn't have the time to read out loud what she learned about ATLAS or transfer funds as per her original goal.

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