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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shangri-La - Episode 16

I . . . didn't like this episode much. I like some of the surprises here, and I will always be biased towards Kusanagi (LOLz) but . . . overall . . . it didn't please me much. Too WTF . . .

  • Why the hell did Kuniko banish her grandma just like that??? Okay, fine, her grandma had been part of the cause of the problem, but at least . . . hello? Demand for an explanation? And the audience wants to know how the hell Nagiko ended up in Doumo in the first place? And Kuniko, she's a relative! You make her go then you go sad . . . duuuuuhh . . . .don't use the responsibility of the leader crap. You just made that scene to do some "intense drama". Oh what rubbish. . .
  • And Momoko . . . totally spoils Kuniko. I know you love her dear, but there are limits.
  • Momoko used to study Botany in a gay university? It just . . .doesn't connect. Or maybe that's just for crack? Come on, don't ALWAYS associate everything that Momoko does to gayness . . .
  • Ryouko . . . shower . . .what fanservice! Haha!
  • When Ryouko shot the gun at herself, I'm not sure if she knew that the gun was empty or it just miraculously became empty. *confused* If it's the former, that's cool; if it's the latter, that's mysterious.
  • How Sayoko showed up didn't impress me. Unless my video lagged without me noticing. It was happened like . . . "oh, she's there". not in a way like "POOF! she appears!" . . . you know what I mean. *sweatdrop*
  • Why wasn't there any explanation of why Miko was taken??? It doesn't make any sense!!! She didn't do anything at all!!! Guuuuhhh . . . .
  • And of course Mikuni went emo . . . but fortunately it didn't last long. Kuniko was the emo in most parts of the episode (yeah, I'm very disappointed with her here)
  • Miko was made a vessel for the Hiruko!!! That's the only interesting that I find in this episode! And usually pure maidens are used for sacrifices, and first time it's a transexual! And for the first time, the sacrifice can gain consciousness or fight back against the Hiruko. Wow . . . and now the Hiruko is with Sayoko and Mikuni. I was kinda surprised that Ryouko didn't give a damn (but if she really didn't care, then she shouldn't have minded shooting, right?)
  • That moment with Mikuni + Hiruko!Miko moment had been very very very sweet~

Stupid cliffhanger of this episode has Takehiko aiming a gun at Kuniko's head . . . .which totally doesn't make any sense. What's interesting in next episode is that Sayoko and co. will be meeting Karin~

He never ceases to amuse me . . . of course it's none other than Kunihito!!!

His fashion sense really sucks. Wahahaha! And his hair down makes him really look weird. Haha~

Kunihito finally decided to quit the military. I actually expected that, but not this soon. But well, only around 10 episodes left. It's better than him doing that in the last five episodes.

But I'm soooooo gonna miss him in soldier uniform. He looks best in that outfit! He looks dorky on the other stuff he had worn! Hahaha!

H-he . . .smiled. *melts* He was asked what made him decide that, and he mentioned the wind . . .then it might be the sun. IN OTHER WORDS, KUNIKO! I didn't like their separation in this episode . . . (he didn't even see her off; and she didn't even wonder why he didn't turn her in) . . . but I hope their reunion is going to be the usual epic + entertaining one. Hehe~


Shounen A said...

It was explained why Miko was arrested in the beginning of the episode: it was just so that Ryouko could be mean to Mikuni. As for Takehiko, it does make sense considering what happened the previous episode ("everything I did was for nothing!"), and Kuniko presumably being part of a devil's deal he had worked for.

I had actually expected that Ryouko's head would have been blown off, only to be regenerated immediately. ^_^;;

Sapphire Pyro said...

Gah, why did I miss that in the beginning of the episode x_x so now that part is clear to me.

I still don't get Takehiko's part x_x I don't see what Kuniko ahd to do with his sister x_x

There was some regeneration?? o_O But I thought there were no bullets. Eh? *confused*

Shounen A said...

What I meant was that I expected to see a half-blown face of Ryouko regenerating. I didn't expect that the gun wouldn't fire in the first place. ^_^;;

Anonymous said...

Sad . . . no Shangri-La post in over a month. Isn't anyone the least bit interested in who steals Kunihito's first kiss?

Sapphire Pyro said...

More than oen person's actually reading my shangri-la posts??!!! *shocked*

Ah, I thought of dropping it last time because I had been busy with manga. That's why there aren't any posts lately. But recent events had been awesome. . . I think I'll catch-up on next week's episode then cover it again xD

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