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Friday, July 24, 2009

New Flavors: Will o' Wisp

Will o' Wisp
by Otomate and Onodera Saiko
Will o' Wisp is basically about an apprentice Doll Maker named Hannah, and five Elemental Dolls, human dolls that are alive. (I'm sorry if I can't write decent summaries of manga I didn't appreciate much. So sad there's no summary around at the moment)

I had no idea what this was about because there was no synopsis or summary available but the title caught my attention (it sounded like a fairy tale) and the art seems pretty, so I gave it a try.

And it turned out to be CRAP..

Story idea isn't exactly unique, but it's not really bad, and it could do well if you use it in a good story. But the story's nowhere near good, even average. It's rich with cliches; its pacing was too fast; its story narration was so-so and pretty repetitive; it doesn't make sense in some parts either; and its characters are so stereotypical and worth bashing!

The story looks like a reverse-harem with fantasy and doll stuff to me. Leading girl is special, and she gets acquainted to some pretty bishies (it's usually a minimum of 4, she's got 5). Of course, most of them will be on her side. And of course the leading guy, no matter how cruel he will be to her, will be the one who'll protect her the most and they will become a love team eventually, if not already. SO WHAT'S NEW? Guuuuhhh . . . . I've seen that shoujo reverse-harem crap so many times already.

Being fast-paced is okay, but having TOO MANY things happen in one chapter is just too . . . WTF! She already met most of the bishies in just one chapter. There's actually nothing wrong in making most of the main character appear early, just don't make it seem like . . . I mean, alright, usually it's done by introducing one new main character per chapter or showing them all in one chapter since they're all together in one scene or event anyway. But in this one, it's like the "new main character per chapter" incidents have been squeezed to one chapter! Also, they had been too sequential. To be specific: leading girl meets first bishie at her home; then hours later, second bishie visits her home; then the next day, she meets a bishie when she visits someone; then she met the last one when she left that home. The hell . . . it's EXTREMELY fast-paced. And I thought I only see fast-paced manga in the shounen demographic. . .

I don't care if it's fate or destiny or whatever . . . but all those things that happened in such a coincidence was just too much!!! I mean, when the leading guy appeared, that's the ONLY time when the leading girl gets to meet the other guys who are like him. And she also gets to meet most of them in such a short period of time. It's too much of a proper timing. Coincidence my ass . . . I call it just the mangaka's story convenience!

It's also making me sick that everytime she encounters a new main character bishie, she gets some feeling or sensation. And when she gets to see them, she always (except on the last one) has on her thoughts that the guy she sees is beautiful. And yeah, all of them make her blush. She also blushes when she gets near them. And after meeting those bishies, it always ends up with the guy greeting the first bishie. It had been the same pattern. Same freakin' pattern. Guuuuhh . . . lack of story creativity . . . such a typical pathetic shoujo . . .

Some things don't connect in this manga, too. Like for instance, the leading girl was so surprised when she saw a human-like doll move, when in fact that the maid that's with her is actually a special doll that she created herself. I mean, what's the "omg the doll is alive" surprise like it's her first time seeing it, when in fact she's already used to being around one? There's also this part wherein she got visitors in her house because some rich dude wants to buy dolls from her (I find it weird for a guy to collect pretty dolls. Creating is okay, but collecting? Never heard), then when the elemental doll (the doll with a soul) met the leading guy, the topic completely changed and they forgot about buying dolls and instead the girl was invited to look at the rich dude's doll collection. . . . WHAT?!

And the characters? Leading girl is the typical kindhearted woman who has special powers, and of course is very stupid when it comes to danger so she always has to be rescued or protected by someone. She's also the usual martyr who won't force you to do anything even if she's your master. And she doesn't get things easily, she's naive perhaps, and always goes "eh?". While the leading guy is your typical tsundere who acts cool and also acts mean to the leading girl but will protect her because he has to, but deep inside we know he truly cares for her. And of course he can do combat and is knowledgeable of a lot of things. The other two bishies are pretty boys; one is the pretty prince charming type, and the other is some tall sophisticated looking type. While the last bishie is the rebellious one, because it sucks if there's no antagonist in the story so one bishie should be evil enough to make this series have some twist and go against the antagonists. What an exciting group of characters! *sarcastic*

Other things that bothered me: The leading girl's grandfather, the one who had raised her since she was five, had died . . . but there wasn't much sadness. Her expression had been just normal. Come on!!! I assume that since he's her only relative, she had loved him and they were pretty close, right? Then how come she doesn't show any feelings of missing him at all??? But she does become pretty emotional when she's around or when it comes to the bishies . . . the hell. Also, she only met the leading guy recently but she was already able to determine if the footsteps she hears are his or not. WTF?!

Told ya, IT'S CRAP!

This gave me so many headaches. I was hoping the second chapter will be able to make up for it. So I took a peek at the raw and . . . well, it looks like the only thing interesting about it is seeing a bishie in bloody torns. Errr . . . I think this manga is just bishie fanservice. Many fangurls love pretty boys and . . . pretty boys looking bloody. *sigh* I don't think chapter 2 will make up for it anymore. The first chapter was just TOO horrible.

I find this similar to Neo Angelique Abyss, only worse. But if you're into that stuff, and bias to pretty art and pretty boys, then I guess you may appreciate this one. Also those people who likes fantasy stories that involve dolls having life may appreciate it too.

I have to admit that I have liked the leading girl's maid. She had been protective, cute, and sweet. While I can't stand the leading girl. She just sucks too much. I don't care if she has the same name as my highschool best friend. And as for the bishies? They're too stereotypical so I find them boring. The prince-like guy had been amusing for having a complicated name though, but he's still so ghey. I don't find them interesting. I don't care if the art is pretty. Characters suck and the story's too terrible, in my opinion. Leave me out of this.

Sapphire Pyro
READ: 2 chapters out of 1 translated chapter of a new ongoing manga
VERDICT: Totally Dropped
I like fantasy stuff and the art looked pretty, so I gave it a try,
But it turned out to be CRAP.
Story sucks. Characters suck. Overall, it totally SUCKS.
It's your typical fantasy reverse-harem, in my opinion. Nothing unusual, exceptional, or interesting. *yawns* Bah!


galimagery said...

Reverse Harem is always crap. It's a pity since the cover art is so gorgeous. ToT

kanzeon said...

I totally agree with galimagery. Such a shame because the art looks pretty.

I always find that the biggest problem of reverse harems are their bland and crappy female leads and the overly-cliched and repetitive storylines I've seen here and there.

maybeerratic said...

Well I do agree that the manga is very fast paced but the art is quite pretty. Reverse harem just didnt work for this manga and the story just moved on without even explaining or/ developing the relationship between the characters.

Kanzenon, you should try reading Ouran High School Host Club (unless you already have). It falls into the reverse harem genre but it's rather entertaining and the female protagonist isnt so flimsy xD. Oh! or you could try 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge'.

enysha-a-kudar said...

I read today the first chap because i was boring = i needed to waste time xD. I haven't played the visual novel so i didn't know what the story was about i thought it was a good opportunity to know the story.
As you said, the story has some potential and it looked interested to me though, it was obvious the girl was going to be a stupid one. The first chap don't show nothing of her stupidity potential, i can assure you that XD! I know her type very well from the same company (Otomate, hiiro no kakera, protagonism Tamaki). Anyway, i'd have describe her also as useless. she can't do anything, she can't protect herself, she only can blush and surely cry a lot! XD a pity, she is SO USELESS THAN nor can bleed either to make the public like as make a real smile xD.

I completely agree with you, how couldn't I? The art is quite pretty but the way the story is developed is trash! The public with this manga is it comes from a japanese visual novel and there's this type of main chara. visual novel usually are for girls but are worst that shoujo mangas. The problems shows up when they want make a shoujo manga of it... who character? how? x_x.. you have realized of it by yourself xD.

It was the best summary/critic i ever read! LOOL
I read a lot with it.

enysha-a-kudar said...

From my friend isami-nya@lj i have to add that she does think the summary was great but, it was the best she ever read! And, she said to me:

WTH with Will? why did they make him look like a vamp? why a coffin? o.Ô... to make it appeal edel blume 8another otomate visual novel)... the only otomate visual novel cools, with boys cool and lovely designs are Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki. the girls go on being the useless type xD.

To me the why they introduced will was a sacrilege!!!! absolutely sacrilege! =___=

Sapphire Pyro said...

@ kanzeon and galimagery
So sad that reverse ahrems are often like this =_=

@ maybeerratic
Biggest shame in this is that the story doesn't suit such pretty art honestly ;_;

Oh, I love the manga you recommended~

@ enysha-a-kudar
How could I forget to mention that O_O Yes! She's totally USELESS!!!!

I haven't read the visual novel but it's sad that the manga made a lot of changes that made it this bad ;_;

Oh I'm glad to see that I wasn't alone in experiencing headaches from this x_x

And thanks =D

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